About Strange Audio

All of the work has spanned over the past 20 years—everything from electronic ambient works to band-based concepts. The Strange and New Days of Strange are all evolutions of the original All My Friends Are Robots album, which was created in 2002.

None of this work has been put on proper labels or in any real studio production. All work has been created by artist that goes by the name of Strange. There are numerous tracks that remain as is, not remixed
Music made by strange is very often if not always on a one take basis. Many albums have been created overnight or even nights with no sleep, with just creative drive and dedication. It has not been until recently that Strange has wanted to take a more conventional approach toward music. This remains to be seen in the works.

These collections are not unlike sketches; projections of sounds and ideas as they come. Many are just expressions of emotion. This is by discipline more like a spell and an intention based record than a conventional song. It is more for the listener to get what they get out of these works, and the feelings they evoke.

All works are byproducts of astral travel and energy based understandings. Through the career and for years Strange has been creating music and sound projects to reflect on experiences. The process of creating a work as is and capturing it is the effect Strange wanted to convey. The following are the description of the works contained on this site:

Music By:

This was the original music project which dates back from 1997 and onwards. This includes all works of conventionally created and written works. It isn’t out of the question to bring these songs into a real studio and even with live musicians, but these are the albums as they stand today:

Side Project:
Aunt Fat Guy

Aunt Fat Guy is a extreme level of music experimentation.
Used as a tool to challenge oneself to layer track after track this originally was done on a karaoke machine intended for a sibling where an aunt fat guy commandeered if not outright stole from his sister. This was a way to combat alienation and depression. The original works that started somewhere in the mid 90s are still available but have not be transcribed from tape to digital.
The current work Aunt Fat Guy has still remained true to its purpose to create a mad scientist experiment of constant flow, no editing, no re-dos.
To eventually create very dissonant abstract work all these works are instrumental originally had no percussion it was not until 2003 percussion was used. There are more albums to come I’ve heard.

Side Project:
Planet Eater

Description coming soon.

Side Project:
Baby Jesus Cheeseburger Jr.

[NEEDS EDITING] These are renditions and of old video game soundtracks like remixes.
Games like double dragon zelda marble madness metroid and ghost and goblins to name a few. This was a fun project that may be revisited in the future.